Donation Policy

4k Gold TV has zero control over the servers or their content and simply have access to adding or removing your access to the IPTV servers through your MAC address or M3U. 4k Gold TV only has the ability to connect or disconnect service for you. A donation amount for our assistance are listed on each server page. Please read these FAQs before donating. All donations are final and there are no refunds once we connect you to the servers, as the process is not reversible.

Refund Policy

You assume the responsibility server activation, and no refunds will be issued once we activate your account. Donation fees are consumed in real as soon as we start, configure and setup your account. The donation fee is for the time used to connect you to the server, not for the server itself. So once we activate your subscription there is NO REFUND at all. All customers are agree that these services are non refundable, and non transferable under any circumstances. However, Customer may request a refund of donation feee within 24 hours of the purchase date upon written notice or email to and before the real setup and / or configuration of his server. 4k Gold TV may refuse to refund a customer’s payment if the customer has been provided by any log-in information to the server requested.