STB EMU Pro Setup Guide

  1. Download STB Emulator onto your Android device, then launch it
  2. Tap the near the top right corner and then click settings
  3. Tap Profiles
  4. Tap existing profile or Add profile to start a new one
  5. Tap Profile name and enter the name of your iptv subscription and press OK
  6. Go back to Portal Settings and enter the portal URL you got in your email -then click OK
  7. Go back to STB Configuration 
  8. Select STB Model and choose MAG 254
  9. Now tap Screen Resolution and chose Auto
  10. Scroll down and find MAC address. This is an important number because it is how your IPTV service will identify the set top box. You must change the default MAC address, tap on MAC address.
  11. I recommend changing some of the last 3 sets of characters. The format must be 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX.

The Xs can be the numbers 0-9 or letters A-F in any of the fields. You will need to remember this code so write it down somewhere.
Note: If you get the MAC address not found when trying to activate, try exiting the STB emulator, remove it and reinstall, when you re-enter the MAC here exit the STB emulator and re-enter. Now power off your Android device and power back on and open the the IPTV Emulator from the installed apps and it will pull in and refresh the new channel list.

STB EMU Pro Setup Guide

MAG 250/254/256/322 Setup Guide

Connect MAG DEVICE to TV and Internet. Then do as follows

  1. Go to: Settings—> System Settings —> Servers—>Portals
  2. Set Portal 1: Server name
  3. Set Portal 1 URL ( see your E-mail )
  4. Set Portal 2 Name leave this empty  add this only If you order the second subscription
  5. Set Portal 2 URL leave this empty add this only If you order the second subscription
  6. Save everything
  7. Reboot device
  8. After the box is restarted, wait until the TV screen shows the channels.

PC & MAC(VLC Software)*M3U Required

1- Download VLC ( Download URL

2 – Open VLC Player

3- Go to Media -> Open Network stream.

4-  Add your Subscription URL we sent to you and press play

5- Wait till all the Channels load (this may take some time)

Choose a Channel and enjoy the show